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A Typical Sol Café Menu

In SOL Breads Cafés the food is neither fancy nor expensive; it is actually the type of food that we ourselves like to eat on a daily basis.  In response to the increase in demand for dietary specific offerings, our organic menu now includes a range of vegetarian, wheat, gluten and dairy free products.

You will find a selection of the following yummy snacks and meals in our cafes in Brisbane, including tarts, pizzas, slices, cakes, muffins, pastries, sandwiches, seasonal salads and soups as well as organic coffee and a selection of herbal teas.

Breakfast menu

Cinnamon & honey ricotta with fresh fruit on sourdough toast
Chunky fruit toast with organic butter
Organic muesli with fresh fruit & organic yogurt
Sourdough toast with organic butter & preserves
Plain, chocolate or almond croissants
A selection of muffins (including gluten free)
Orange & date damper with organic butter
Bircher muesli with toasted nuts & fresh fruit
Filled croissants


Lunch Menu

Filled focaccia (eg. pesto, hummus, olive tapenade, roasted vegetables & salad)
Pizza Slices with seasonal vegetables
Crusty bread with olive oil & dukkha
Savory filled croissants (eg. pesto, Swiss cheese and tomato)
Daily salad special (spelt pasta / cous cous etc..)
Soup of the day served with your choice of SOL Bread
Specially made gluten free sandwiches
Fritatta with tomato relish
Filled baguettes (eg. cheese, salad & relish)
Savoury tarts – cheese and potato / mixed vegetables / feta & olive / red lentil
Calzone – mixed bean / mixed vegetables / spinach & feta

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