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What is “GI”?

The Glycemic Index is a dietary index that’s used to rank carbohydrate based foods. The GI measures the rate at which a carbohydrate will enter the bloodstream as glucose, hence affecting blood sugar levels.

Why are low GI foods good for you?

The body tries its best to maintain a consistent blood glucose level. When blood glucose levels are increased through the consumption of high GI foods, physiological control mechanisms attempt to lower the blood glucose content as soon as possible. This may leave you feeling tired and hungry.

Low GI foods on the other hand, are digested more slowly by the body and this help to increase blood glucose gradually over time, eliminating the rapid rise and fall of blood glucose levels. This helps to sustain energy levels throughout the day and can help us feel satisfied and therefore less hungry.

To help stabilise blood glucose levels it is best to consume a Low GI food product at each meal, spreading your meals throughout the day with healthy snacks in between.

Benefits of low GI foods

Sustained concentration
Low GI foods are digested slowly which releases glucose to the brain over a longer period of time which helps to maintain concentration.

Sustained energy

Low GI foods provide glucose to the body slowly, which means the body is getting energy over a longer period of time so energy is sustained.

Management of blood glucose levels
Low GI foods ensure glucose is slowly released into your bloodstream. This reduces the need for your body to work hard to produce high levels of insulin to remove the glucose from your blood for energy. Maintaining normal levels of insulin is important for long-term good health.

Heart health
Low GI foods reduce the amount of insulin required to convert the glucose circulating in your blood to energy. By not overworking your insulin production you are also helping to reduce the amount of triglycerides and cholesterol your body produces, which helps to maintain heart health.

Weight management

Low GI foods give you a greater feeling of fullness and delay hunger pangs for longer which may help reduce your food intake during the remainder of the day

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