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We use a traditional natural fermentation process to raise the dough instead of commercial yeast. This process involves using a ‘leaven’, originally cultivated more than a decade ago in the rainforest surrounding Byron Bay, and still alive today. A leaven starter is a pre-fermented batch of flour and water that eventually becomes a natural culture of wild/natural yeast and lactobacilli (bacteria).

To “unlock” the nutrients of the grain in bread, phytic acid needs to be broken down. Naturally leavened breads rise over time – the acidity (PH level) and lengthy fermentation process provide the perfect environment for this to occur. Breads baked with commercial yeast rise much too rapidly, furthermore the acidity is not adequate for effective neutralization of the phytic acid.

The friendly bacteria (lactobacillus) which is generated during the fermentation aids in the digestion of all complex carbohydrate foods. It also assists in restoring the functioning of the digestive tract resulting in healthy assimilation and elimination. These beneficial bacteria help to control candida albicans and generally support the whole immune system.

The yeast allergy suffered by some people is related to commercial yeast, a fungus that is propagated in large foundries and has no affiliation with the grain used to make the bread. It is designed to increase the speed of the dough rising therefore cutting corners and reducing production costs.

The natural fermentation process used in the production of Sol Breads captures only the natural yeast already present in the air which should benefit your health.

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