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Why buy SOL Breads?

What do we do?

We are an Organic Sourdough Bakery producing and distributing baked product through:

  • Company owned retail outlets & market stalls
  • Direct to consumers
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Retailers

What are SOL Bread’s company objectives?

To position our brand as a traditional food, with better taste, and real health benefits addressing special and functional needs.

Our mission statement

  • Sol Breads mission is to profitably and sustainably market a range of traditional organic breads and related products using natural leavening methods, wholefood ingredients and no chemical or other additives or agents.
  • Through pride and passion for our product, we aim to demonstrate the importance of pure and wholesome food for a healthy, positive lifestyle.

What are our key propositions?

  • Sol Breads will be the most efficacious functional bread with tasty, natural goodness from grains that will provide everyday insurance for good health today and tomorrow;
  • Sol Breads promises to deliver traditional, healthy and best tasting baked products, by means of using natural local wholegrain ingredients, no additives, and incorporating time honoured European sourdough techniques.

Sol Bread’s core brand values

  • Traditional
  • Tasty
  • Natural
  • Eco friendly
  • Unique
  • Quality
  • Organic
  • Alternative
  • Healthy
  • Trustworthy

The Sol Breads brand

Organic, natural and unique, Sol Breads is an alternative brand offering traditional healthy baked products in quirky defiance of the mass establishment.

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