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 Spelt Onion Vienna

◦ A unique blend of Spelt white and wholegrain flours along with caramelised onion. This loaf is crusty, with a coarse crumb and a hint of nutty flavour.

Spelt Vienna

◦ A unique blend of Spelt white and wholegrain flours, this loaf is crusty, dense in texture, with a taste of sweetness and nutty barley flavours.

Spelt Wholemeal Loaf

◦ A unique blend of Spelt wholegrain flour and rolled oats, this loaf is crusty, dense in texture.

Spelt Amaranth Loaf

◦ Spelt Amaranth is packed full of nutritious health benefits with a good source of vitamins, dietary minerals and protein.

Spelt Megagrain Loaf

◦ Spelt Megagrain bursts with nutritional benefits and is a good alternative to wheat bread. It also brings along a richness in vitamins and minerals such as, magnesium, calcium and zinc, great to boost the vitamin E and B complex. Spelt is a soft and tender loaf, packed with Sol Breads’ special seed mix.

Aden’s Choice

◦ Made with free range egg, organic arrowroot starch, flax meal, olive oil and maple syrup.
◦ Looking for a loaf that could change your life? Free from Grains, Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soy or artificial ingredients, Aden’s Choice is a bread like no other… it is soft and has the flavour, texture and chewiness of traditional bread but without grains – delicious!
◦ Created by Author and family chef Natasha Horvath, Aden’s Choice is named after her son Aden, who inspired her to make a different sort of bread. Featuring good fats and high in protein to keep you full for longer, gut friendly pre-biotics and low glycaemic resistant starch. It’s even full of ingredients high in minerals, vitamins and with low GI.

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